a stolen broom and a little thief…

There appears to be a larcenous theme in today’s title ~ I wonder what that says about the author?  No matter!  I’m enjoying punching these sneaky snitchers!

stolen broom by chestnut junction

I have all the elements of Stolen Broom punched and I’m ready to work on the background.  So far, I’m happy with my color choices, except for one feature.  The strap on the broom head has disappeared into the bristles, but that will be a quick fix.I pulled out the bit that was bothering me, and while I’m considering what to replace it with I get a good start on the background.  I decided to punch said background in chunks.  That is, I punched the outline of a “square” and filled it in before moving on to the next “square”.  On a piece like this, where the background is such a vast part of the whole, I want the punching surrounding the fun elements to have some personality, but not take center stage.  Besides, punching chunks adds interest to what otherwise might be a tedious job for me!  🙂

punching’s done

It’s quite late before all the punching is done, and there isn’t any natural light left to take a good photo, but you get the general idea.  I believe I’ll try soaking this in a very weak batch of coffee and see if the starker elements fade a bit and soften, too.

While I was working on Stolen Broom, Otis and Ellis who like to think they are an essential part of any project, had other commitments on their schedules….

Otis catches up on important matters

Ellis works hard, too…

Nothing gets past those two…


Next up, I can’t wait to get started on Lori Brechlin’s, “Little Thief”!

click here to visit little thief on lori’s blog


Enjoy something simple today!






4 thoughts on “a stolen broom and a little thief…

  1. Rebecca, you work so fast! It makes me want to get out my punching supplies and get busy!
    I just LOVE the tall, white pumpkin I purchased from you! I think I’ll put a pin back on it so that I can wear it all during the fall and winter seasons. 🙂
    Have a blessed day,

  2. Rebecca, I loved the Stolen Broome pattern so much I had to order it! Love your colors and the way you’re doing the background! Such a fun piece! I can tell your little helpers are contented! Funny how they zonk out when we sit down and work. My dogs do the same thing!!
    Cathy G

  3. these are two great patterns…the little thief is near the top of my to-do list…thanks for the cats in the photos too…that Otis belly looks adorable…

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