stolen broom and a gift…

I’ve received some questions recently regarding a punch needle photo that has been on Pinterest.  It’s one that I punched up a year or two ago, so I thought now would be a good time to revisit it and share with you the colors I used and designer.  This is a photo of the one I’ve been asked about:

stolen broom punched (last year’s version)

The designer of Stolen Broom is Chestnut Junction, and you can find the pattern by clicking here.  It just so happens that this pattern is on sale at CJ ~ Hurray!  Here it is drawn up on my weavers cloth.

stolen broom ready to go

The first time I punched this pattern, I made it about half the size of the pattern itself.  This time, I’ll be punching it full size, which is approximately 10″x7″, give or take.

I have my colors ready, too.  They are the same as my original version with one exception (I think).

Valdani Perle Cottons #12

These are all Valdani Perle Cottons size 12, which I will thread in my Cameo punch needle using the medium tip.  I use two strands of Valdani, both from the same ball.  The colors from the original piece are as follows:


H212 ~ Cat

P5 ~ Stars

H205 ~ Moon, Broom head and Cat’s Nose

P3 ~ Background

6 ~ Narrow Border, Moon and Broom Head Outline, Whiskers, Teeth and Eyes

There are a couple of other colors in the original, as well.  I used a medium brown for the broom handle and an orange for the broom head strap.

This time around, I think I’ll try the cat in a softer brown by using Valdani O196 instead of the H212.  Perhaps, you’d like to punch along with me?


As for the gift, the other day I received such a special package in the mail from my friend, Myra.  She sent me her invention for making punching simpler ~ I just love it!

Myra came up with these simple tools to help her with the balls of Valdani perle she was using.  Because it can be difficult to find the second, inside, end of the floss, Myra was using two balls of the same color perle, which would, inevitably, become tangled.

Myra’s floss holder

What a fabulous, but simple, tool!  The above photo illustrates Myra’s floss holder using DMC pearl cotton.  In the past, when I’ve tried using 2 or more balls of DMC pearl, they have become hopelessly tangled, but Myra’s little tool keeps them in line.

DMC 6 strand and Myra’s floss holders

Here, I used two of Myra’s holders to hold one skein of DMC 6 strand floss.  One of the reasons why I moved away from DMC 6 strand was because I was usually battling knots in the floss from pulling the floss in the wrong direction or using the wrong end, or something.  No more!  These floss holders make DMC much more user-friendly for me.

I can’t thank you enough, Myra, for your invention and your generosity!


until next time, enjoy some simple quiet today!






4 thoughts on “stolen broom and a gift…

  1. love this pattern! oh my i bet the little gadget makes it much easier to work with! i always seem to loose my little balls…..! enjoy your day!

  2. Thanks to you Rebecca for all the information you’ve shared. There are so many blogs with cross stitch and rug hooking, but very few devoted to punch needle. I think there are many, as I am, hungry to learn all we can to punch our best.

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