coffee, cats and updates…

Some time ago, in fact I think it was back in May, I started an experiment with coffee. Would coffee-stain age hooked wool as well as it ages perle cotton and other flosses.  The short answer is, no.  However, I was surprisingly pleased with the results ~ what do you think?

hooking the mat with invaluable assistance from otis

First, I hooked a small mat using un-dyed and dyed neutral wools.  Otis was a really big help here, I’m not sure I would have made it through without him (that’s it for the “cats” part of this post).


soaking the wool

I submerged the hooked mat in coffee and left it alone for several hours.  When I remembered that the mat was still soaking, I removed it from the coffee, wrung it out, laid it on a waxed-paper-covered cookie sheet and baked it for a while.  (I put the mat on the cookie sheet in a cold oven, turned it on to 250*, and shut the oven off as soon as it reached temperature.)  Because the wool didn’t dry completely in the oven, I hung the mat up over night.  Now dry, the mat went into the washing machine and the dryer with some other laundry.  It emerged wrinkled with the linen backing frayed, but in good, aged condition.

aged mat

I steamed it flat, and was excited to see that, not only had the colors softened a bit, but the wool itself appeared softer and older, and the loops themselves appeared to be happier with their neighboring loops.  I’m hoping to try this method on a larger rug, some day, though baking one in the oven would be out of the question!

As for updates, it’s the third Friday of the month (tomorrow) which is when Primitive Handmades Mercantile artisans add new items to their shops.  I have updated mine, already, so if you’d like to see what I’m offering or if you’d like to visit any of the fabulous stores on PHM, click here and then click on “Our Artists”.  My shop is The Simple Quiet.  I was hoping to have Magdalena’s Horses on the site this month, but no, so perhaps September. 🙂

until next time, enjoy some simple quiet today…


6 thoughts on “coffee, cats and updates…

  1. i love coffee staining and think yours looks great! nice soft and primitive… thanx for sharing each step! enjoy your evening!

  2. Hi Rebecca…Thanks for the coffee stained rug tutorial. You were brave to put it in the washer and dryer. I like the outcome and I love it when your kitties are in your posts.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      love Otis, so helpful.! love the softened look of the stained wool. I used to use coffee a lot, but rarely do now, I use walnut crystal stain mostly. I’ll give this a try. Off to visit PHM.


  3. I love the staining!! AND I can tell the Mr. Otis is a very clever and artistic kitty!! 🙂
    I tried to send some pictures to you of my “horses” but it didn’t work. I sent them in a reply to the e-mail you sent to me ! Does that make sense? ANYWAY I am still working on the background and it is looking so good, I can hardly believe that I did it:) This is a very very forgiving artform!! LOVE IT!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love, love your sweet little mat, colors are so soft!!! My friend JoAnn bought the cat with broom punch last year!!! It is wonderful!!! Lucky for her!

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