magdalena horses finished…

Here, at last, is Magdalena Horses.  What a fun, educational project this has been!  I finished this one just as I would a pillow without the stuffing.  First, I stitched the right side of the punch needle to the right side of the wool I chose.

stitching right sides together

Then, I cut along both short edges of the wool, close to the stitches.

cutting short sides

Next, I cut through the middle of the wool, length-wise.

cutting long through middle of wool

I’m left with two flaps, one on the top edge of the punch needle and one on the bottom edge.

two flaps

These flaps will become my lamb’s tongue edging, eventually.  Before I steam the flaps open with my iron, I add another piece of wool over the wool that I just stitched in place.  I place my stitches just inside those of the flap-wool stitches.

second piece of wool stitched in place

This second piece of wool will become the backing of the finished punch needle.  Now, I cut a slit in the middle  of the back of the wool and turn the whole piece, so that the flaps are sticking out and the right side of Magdalena Horses is facing front.


Front with the flaps open.


Back with the slit I cut for turning purposes.

Now I snip the flaps using pinking shears, fairly close to the edge of the stitching.  Then, using a sharp pair of little scissors, I snip between each pinking, cutting a bit of wool away from each pinking so that they are separate lamb’s tongues.

tiny lamb’s tongues

The back gets a weavers cloth label stitched over the slit in the wool.

back view with label

The entire piece gets a good, hard steam/press with my steam iron, and my Magdalena Horses is complete!

ta da!

I think I will be including Magdalena Horses in my Primitive Handmades Mercantile update this coming Friday.  🙂

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments and encouragement! If you have done or are planning to do Magdalena Horses, I would love to share your pictures!

Enjoy your week!


18 thoughts on “magdalena horses finished…

  1. Hi Rebecca I get so excited every time i see your blog pop up in my in basket! Lovveee your work. You were kind enough a few months ago to send me a free Wytch and Pumpkins pattern – I hope to actually enlarge and hook it this fall some time. I will look forward to seeing this piece for sale (will you be posting dimensions – is the stand included ???:-)… Loretta

    • Hello Loretta, it’s so nice to hear from you! I will be posting the dimensions of Magdalena Horses in my description for Primitive Handmades Mercantile, (it is approximately 9″x3″), but the little stand won’t be included.

      Thank you for your kindness!


  2. That looks fabulous!! Once I get the pattern I’ll have to re-read the directions a couple of times as I’m confused about the cutting of the short edges.
    Thank you for sharing!!

    • Thank you, Jean! Yes, I’m afraid the part about cutting the short edges is a bit confusing, the way I described it. I hope it will make sense once you get started! If not, let me know and I’ll try to make things clearer. 🙂


  3. WOW you were reading my mind :0) I was thinking about how to finish it. I am getting close to the end. I can see some empty spaces with the camera, so I will go back and try to fill those in. I started it Sat and stitched some that day BUT SUNDAY was great weather! I sat on the porch almost all day and punched. it was soooo fun!! I can’t thank you enough for sharing the design. It is just in time for our Niece’s wedding. I think I will attempt to make it into a little pillow. I used different colors to try to just give it a hint of their horses. I will make it again though and keep it in the original colors! I am totally hooked, I am drawing a design on the left over fabric:)
    Thanks for the inspiration !

  4. Beautiful Rebecca!..clever finish, thank you for sharing. I was inspired to get out my book ‘Rug Hooking Traditions with Magdalena Briner Eby’ by Evelyn Lawrence and Kathy Wright., absolutely beautiful!…


  5. Oh, Rebecca!
    I just love it and your finish is spectacular! I didn’t realize how small it was. Too sweet.
    Pug hugs 🙂

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