magdalena horses punched…

Hurrah!  I’ve finished (nearly) the punched version of Magdalena’s Horses.  After the brown threads were punched I started on the grey.

Valdani P3

Then, completed the little corner of dark blue.   Here is Magdalena’s hooked rug.

original rug


The above picture is the original from which I took my inspiration.  The photo below is my attempt.

my punched magdalena horses

Although there are always things I would change about a punched piece once I’ve finished, I’m going to leave this one alone, with one exception.  The white horse, in the original, has a pink eye, and though I’m more comfortable with a horse that has a grey eye, I think I’ll change that little detail.  🙂   After I’ve fixed that, I will do the coffee staining which, I’m hoping, will soften the hard edges a bit.

One thing I’m thinking about as I’m completing magdalena’s horses, is the lamb’s tongue edging.  If you look closely at the original, you will see that the top and bottom edges of the rug have, what looks to me like, grey wool lamb’s tongues.  hmmm….  I’m not sure how I’ll be approaching that, yet, but I’ll let you know!  In the meantime, I think I’ll take a page out of Otis’s book…

cat nap, anyone?

…and perhaps I’ll dream of rug hooking!

lovely linen ~ the beginning of the imagined rug


until next time, be warm and happy!



14 thoughts on “magdalena horses punched…

  1. im catching up… all your little outside visitors are so cute and im sure fun to have around. i love the punching that you have finished! and thanx so much for showing how you do your coffee staining. i have always used coffee love how it gives that prim touch! waiting to see your next project! enjoy your day!

  2. Rebecca,
    The Magdalena horses rug turned out fabulous! But then all your work is fabulous! I never even noticed the lambs tongue edge until you mentioned it…. I know your finish will be the icing on the cake….. or I should say horse!
    Have fun beginning your new project!
    Cathy G

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