colors and coffee…

Hello!  I think my friend, in the below pic, is laughing at me.  She reminds me a bit of my late grandmother….  I can just hear her, “tee hee hee hee”!

I have had a few questions about the colors I’ve been using for the Magdalena Horse’s, so thought I’d provide a list, in case you’re interested.  These are all Valdani Pearl Cotton #12, with one exception, which is noted:

pink horse:  JP 5
white horse:  5
inner star:  P3
outer star:  6
lt. blue background:  M1001 (118 would be nice, too ~ It’s a solid lt. blue/grey) background:  O 578 (or 120 as a solid alternative)
black background:  H 212 (or 8112 ~ solid)
lt brown background:  851
dk brown background: O 196 (or 8121 ~ solid)
cement grey background:  P 3 (or 222 ~ solid)

for the flowers I’m using the same colors from the other elements in the design, except for the flower centers and outline of the middle flowers for which I’m using 841.  This happens to be a 3 strand Valdani which I’ve had for a year or two, but I think it’s available in a pearl as well.

I hope this helps!  DMC makes 6 strand floss in colors very similar to these, though without the variegation.  However, I don’t have a list of DMC color codes, unfortunately.


On to coffee!

two horses and 6 birds

I’m ready to stain Two Horses, 6 Birds with some left over coffee.  For this particular piece I will be brushing the coffee on so that I can better control the depth of staining.  First, I’ll start by brushing on some plain water…

just H2O

I find that by saturating the threads with water before adding coffee I get a lighter more consistent effect once the piece has dried.  Next, coffee…

good ol’ jo

I brush the coffee on so that the punched bit and the weavers cloth around the edges are covered…

no cream or sugar for me, please

I happen to be using Starbuck’s Blonde which is a light roast coffee that I brewed on the weak side.  The Blonde tends more towards yellow than red/brown, which I like for this piece.  However, I don’t think it matters too much what one uses ~ coffee is pretty much coffee, and I’m definitely over-thinking things, here!

covered in coffee

I could let Two Horses dry now, but I think it will be too dark for the look I’m going for, so I’ll go back in with more H2O…I load my brush with water and let it drip onto the piece.  This way the coffee moves away from the drips but doesn’t go away altogether like it sometimes does if I brush the water on.  If I were really unhappy with the way the coffee looked I could rinse the punch needle under the tap and it would come out, almost, completely clean.  Once I feel like the stain is where I want it, I let it air dry over night, and bake it @ 250* for just a few minutes in the morning.  Here we are, another project punched, stained and ready for finishing ~ and therein lies the rub… I ask the question which I ask of all my pieces…  What on earth shall I do with you?


until next time ~ wishing you a decisive day!





20 thoughts on “colors and coffee…

  1. Hi, Rebecca, I have been reading your blog since day one. I finally just had to speak my piece!! I am in awe of your needle punching skills. Your color planning is exquisite!! I look forward each day to see what you are doing. I am planning to do your freebie witch. Thank you for it! For it all!! Laurie

    • Laurie, reading your comment was like receiving a large, straight-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie! Thank you so very much for your kindness and for your warmth ~ they mean worlds to me!


      p.s. I would love to see your Witch when you are ready to share!

  2. Rebecca ~
    You were reading my mind. (Scary thought!) I was going to ask what the colors you chose were. One more question since I’ve only punched with DMC (and Valdani is not cheap). Is one ball of each color enough?
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!
    Hugs 🙂

    • Hello Lauren!
      Thank you for your question!
      One ball of each color will be more than enough for a project this size (10.5″x4″), and you’ll have some left over to use on your next piece! 🙂


  3. Laurie’s post says it all! Ditto to everything Laurie has written here. What a treasure you are. I wanted to let you know I have a model made of the floss holder. Just waiting for my 3 ply floss order to come in. I took advantage of the big sale. I only had the twisted tweeds to work with and I remember you saying they tend to twist
    more. I will let you know if this little gizmo is gonna work ….. a bit more tweaking to go.

  4. Just wonderful, Rebecca. I’ve often wondered what technique you used to stain your punch work. Thanks for the lesson. Have you ever done that to a wool rug?
    Your little friend is adorable. What a great shot.

    • Hi Susie!

      Thank you for your comment! I did try a sample piece of hooking using the coffee stain, and I was happy with the results (which I will share here sometime). Now to try it on a larger rug…. 🙂


  5. omg !!!! This piece is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!! The coffee staining is like the icing on the cake……..again, I LOVE this……..

  6. I to enjoy reading your blog. Your work is great!

    I have a question–how do you transfer a paper pattern to your cloth?? Thanks Karen

    • Hello Karen!

      What a great question! When I transfer a pattern onto weavers cloth, I usually tape the paper pattern to a sun-shiny window, tape my weavers cloth over the paper and trace the design using a pencil. Light boxes are available for purchase, which make the process a bit easier on the arms, since one can draw more comfortably.

      Thank you for asking, Karen, you’ve inspired a blog post!


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