white horse…

I’m making some progress on my Magdalena Horses, the finished dimensions of which will be approximately 10.5″x4″.  I punched the white horse using a simple ecru pearl cotton from Valdani ~ this is Valdani 5, which is the color code.  I also started on the center star using Valdani P4.  So far so good!  However…

…when I filled in the outer part of the star using Valdani 6 my inner bit disappeared!  So…

…out came the P4.  One thing I really like about the pearl cotton is that, if I’m careful, I can pull it out without breaking the strands and then I’m able to reuse my floss ~ that’s a happy thought at $4.50/ball!  Now, I’ll punch in using a darker shade:  P3.

So much better!  Now, with the flowers, star and horses done I can get to work on the background.  🙂


Wishing you quiet progress on whatever project you have planned for today!


See you next time!




11 thoughts on “white horse…

  1. This is coming along quite nicely, Rebecca! I’m enjoying that you are showing us your process rather than just a finished piece. Makes me want to pull out my cameo and get punchin’! 🙂

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