before i forget….

20120802-113619.jpg is having a special on their Valdani pearl cotton floss. You get 12 balls of floss for $50, so it’s a bit like getting 11 balls with the 12th free. There are certain catagories of floss that are not included in their offer: “Item codes starting with a letter prefix (O, V, P, JP, H) are NOT eligible for this offer.” If you’d like to check out this offer, click here. (I’m not affiliated with Snowflake Memories or with Valdani, I just love Snowflake’s products and their customer service is outstanding!) I thought I’d include the above photo so that you could see Valdani’s labeling system ~ just in case you aren’t familiar with their pearl cotton. You’ll notice that the first three balls, from the bottom of the photo up, are labelled M 49, 6 and 5, respectively. These are examples of some of the floss that IS included in the special. The balls above those start with the letters in the exclusions, O, H, P, JP (also V), so those are examples of the floss that is NOT eligible.

Just thought I’d share 🙂

until later…


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