raspberry horse…

I’ve finished the first horse of the Magdalena Briner “Two Horses”.  What do you think of the color?  Looks a bit on the pink side from where I sit, but by the time I get the background filled in and the finished punch needle coffee stained, I’m hoping my pink sherbet horse will transform into a faded red raspberry one.


I’m using 2 strands of Valdani Pearl Cotton #12 in a medium tip Cameo punch needle, set at the lowest (#1) loop height.  If you’ve never tried the Valdani pearl cotton, and you’d like to but aren’t sure how to get two strands out of one ball, click here.  The link will take you to my “choosing color” post where I demonstrate two strand~one ball.  🙂

I’ll be working on the white horse next.  I’ve chosen to use a simple ecru pearl cotton.  As I’m threading my needle, the Pileated Woodpecker stops by…

Pileated woodpecker

Isn’t she a beauty?

Until the white horse is done….




15 thoughts on “raspberry horse…

  1. Love it!!! Thanks for answering my question, after I went back to the last few posts, I found out what I was wondering about! Still waiting for my fabric and hoops to come!
    I can’t wait to get started:)

  2. REbecca, What are the demensions of the design? Do you have any ideas on how you will finish this. you are very creative with your finishes that makes the design special. Karen

    • Hi Karen!

      Thank you ~ I’m so glad you like my finishes, which are definitely the most difficult parts for me to decide on, so, nope, I have no idea how I’m going to finish this one! The approximate dimensions of this design are, 10.5″x4″. I would have liked to make it wider, but that would have meant making it longer to keep the proportions right, and, due to the limited diameter of my largest hoop, 10.5″x4″ is as big as I could get this one. 🙂


  3. I think the raspberry color is quite similar to the poke berry color Magdalena got with 100 years fading it! I like it. I’ve always wanted to see a Pilited WP in person! they don’t reside out myway. Lucky you!

  4. I must finish the project I’m working on now ~ Lori Brechlin’s ‘Tulip Heart’, love it …… but my next project will be ‘Two Horses’. Who da thunk, horses. Ahhh the power of an artist’s blog. Well, anyway thank you for the pattern. I really like the raspberry color especially as you say, after it is stained. One more thing. I was surfing the net and came upon this little ingenous device ….. maybe. It had two dowels spaced far enough apart for two Valdani spools to fit side by side, which might solve the tangled- twisted thread problem. I’ve ask my husband to make me one, so I’ll let you know if indeed it works … fingers crossed.

    • That dowel idea sounds fabulous, Myra! I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of it ~ thank you for sharing! I’d love to see your “Tulip Heart” ~ that one’s on my list, too!


  5. Rebecca ~
    You are off to a wonderful start and I’m sure your color choices will be perfect, as always!
    Great woodpecker pic.
    Pug hugs 🙂

  6. The Queen Thank You Rebecca!!! Punching has becomemore difficult for me due to my MS. As I come up from a loop my hand tends to freeze before I can push the needle down again and it will jump which cause to big of a loop. So It takes me forever to punch something because it seems that I do more un-punching than punching!!! Sooo I luckily had some pearl cotton and tried it with #1 on my Cameo. I’m still not very fast but I think that it’;s working better for me. It is a bit of a challenge to find that

    • Hi Sherry! It’s so nice to hear from you! How delightful that the pearl cotton seems to be making punching a bit easier for you ~ you always impress me with your perseverance and your creative spirit!


  7. Rebecca,
    I love the horse! It looks old and faded to me, just like the original hooked rug after years of being used. Thank you for showing us your process for doing punch needle. I still have not tried using the pearl cotton but with your great instructions and pictures I hope to do something using the Valdani pearl cotton very soon. First I have to decide what design and then what colors to order. I love how the tweed one looks punched up. As always, you are an inspiration and I’m so glad you started your blog.
    Hugs, Lori

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