making a start…

Yesterday, I told you I was preparing to start a new punch needle design ~ I had drawn my pattern on weavers cloth and was in the process of color selection. The only stumbling block was that I had forgotten to reverse my design when I sketched it, initially. So after a bit of erasing and re-sketching I’m ready to make a start on Magdalena’s Horses. I find the simplest way to begin a new project, is to start with color. In the case of Magdalena’s Horses, I’m planning to stay as true to the original as I can.

You may notice in the above photo that I have labeled my design with which-color-goes-where notes. Even after 4+ years of punching, I am still trying to train my brain to mirror the image that I see in a photo or on the computer screen. Is that something you struggle with, too? How many times have I punched a section, especially a section with letters or numbers, flipped my frame over to take a gander and *groan*, found that I’ve done all the characters backwards!

My computer monitor is showing one of Magdalena’s horses as a faded red raspberry color, and that’s where I shall begin. I like to start a project with a color that I’m drawn to, and in this case, not only am I drawn to the faded red, but I also happen to have that color floss on hand ~ hurray! I’ll be ordering some of the browns and grays for the background from my favorite Valdani seller,

Are you ready to begin?

Until next time 🙂


2 thoughts on “making a start…

  1. Hi Rebecca! I am following your work on the horses so that I can learn the process better! I am still looking for weaver’s cloth, but I am sure I will find it soon or just order some online! Thanks for posting your progress for us new punchers:) It is great to see the process!!

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