join me and two magdalena horses…

a Magdalena Briner hooked rug

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I finished the “2 Horses 6 Birds” punch needle, yesterday.  I’ve yet to decide how to complete the piece, however, you can see the punching in the picture below.

punching is done, now what shall it become?

In the meantime, while I’m making a decision about “2 Horses 6 Birds”, I think I’ll get started on the Magdalena Horses design pictured in the top photo.  I’ve drawn it on my weavers cloth, (forgetting to reverse the design as I often do) and I’m considering the colors in my floss collection.

Perhaps you’d like to join me in a little punching?  Below, you will find two sketches of M. Briner’s design.  The first is the original version, and the second is reversed.

(I’d like to say a word, here, about copyrights.  If (this is a big if) I understand copyright laws correctly, regarding antique rugs and designs, the designs themselves are in the public domain unless otherwise noted.  However, the images of the rugs are protected.  Therefore, to be inspired by an antique rug and create a rug similar to the original design is ok, but to make photo copies of, say, pages from an antique rug book or to print copies of images from a computer screen, would be a violation of said laws.  I hope my understanding is all Ship Shape and Bristol fashion!  I do know, that many wonderful primitive rug and punch needle designers today, find inspiration in antique hooked rugs and use that inspiration to create very similar designs of their own which they are then able to sell legally.  So, having said all that, I have not and do not make copies of copyrighted images ~ whew! that was a mouthful!  As always, please give credit to the original artist of any design you use ~ in this case, Magdalena Briner.)

Magdalena Horses

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my color choices with you.  I’d love it if you were able to punch (or hook!) along with me!

Magdalena Horses reversed


Feel free to reduce or enlarge my drawings as needed for the size of your project.  I’m happy to have you share copies of my sketches with others.  🙂


Until tomorrow!





7 thoughts on “join me and two magdalena horses…

  1. Rebecca ~
    LOVE your 2 horses, 6 birds!!! You are truly a master at color planning.
    I hooked that Magdalena rug and it took me forever. I agonized and struggled over color planning and even with help was totally befuddled. When it was finally finished it took many more months to sew on the binding and now that it is done it is rolled up in a basket…lol! Eventually it will make it’s way over my headboard.
    Pug hugs 🙂

    • Lauren, your Magdalena rug must be gorgeous! Every rug is such a labor of love, isn’t it, and a Magdalena rug…even more so! I hope to see a picture of your rug over your headboard someday. 🙂


  2. Hi Rebecca!! I am so excited about punching!! I have just learned to do it and I love it!! I drew my own design onto osenburg(sp?) fabric, I am having some trouble finding weaver’s cloth in my area. It is working ok, but I am sure the the heavier fabric will be much better. I just couldn’t wait to try it!! Thanks to You Tube and a 3 day power outage, I was able to figure it out:) Now I will tackle the various color choices! I will do your shared “magdelena horses” design next!
    Thank you so much for sharing it!!! I think I will try to make it into a pillow for my niece since she is getting married soon and LOVES horses, maybe I can make the horses the same color as hers!! YAAAAY!! Next I will learn rug hooking! 🙂
    Have a great week!!

    • What a fabulous use of a power outage, Vicky! Congratulations! I’m so glad you will be joining me on our Magdalena adventure ~ I will be excited to see your work in progress, if you’d like to share some pics!
      I’ve never tried the osnaburg fabric, but it sounds like it’s working for you. 🙂 I often order weavers cloth online from a big box craft store, like Joanns, or from punch needle websites.

      Happy punching ~ and hooking too, you’ll love it!


  3. Question regarding which way to place the pattern on weavers cloth…I read an article about weavers cloth having stretch in one direction and how important it is to place the pattern correctly so the finished piece isn’t distorted. With that in mind, which way would you place these patterns? With the “stretch” horizontally or vertically?

    • What an excellent question! I was not aware of the stretch potential of weavers cloth, but I do try to draw my patterns with the grain on the cloth, whether horizontal or vertical. I will pose this question on my next blog post and see if anyone else can help us with an answer!

      Thanks so much for asking!


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