We’ve been so fortunate the past two days!  It’s been raining, what a blessing for all the creatures, great and small.  The sun is shining after our morning’s soaking, and a few friends come to visit…

I love the inquisitive Blue Jays, and can you see the Grosbeak waiting in the wings?


On our drive homeward, I was able to get a good start on the “two horses…” background.

Backgrounds, like this, always take me a good amount of time.  I seem to do as much looking as punching:  looking at the photo of the original rug, looking at my color choices, looking at the bits I’ve punched ~ looking where I’m going, where I’ve been, if I’m traveling the right road.  Looking is a big part of the process, at least it is for me.  How about you?

Now that I’m half way there, I can see, a bit more clearly, where I’m headed.  What I like about where I’ve been, is with the weavers cloth as the background, I could see a crisp, wintry scene, and I’m inspired to possibly try this design again with a soft white background.  Do I like where I’m going?  That’s a bit more difficult.  I’m never really sure, until I actually arrive at my destination, if the journey was worth it!

until next time, friends…


9 thoughts on “halfway…

  1. Rebecca,
    Oh it’s turning out so good!! I LOVE what you’ve done and how closely it resembles the original hooked rug. I do the same thing when trying to duplicate an antique rug. Looking at it and back at my piece. As always, your work is inspirational. Hugs, Lori

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