horse on the hill…

Not so very long ago, I finished punching this design from Lori Brechlin of Not Forgotten Farm.  It was such a fabulously fun pattern to punch and I wanted to finish it in a way that would highlight Lori’s design.  I asked you for ideas and you sent me so many great ones ~ thank you!  Lori, herself, suggested tacking the raw weavers cloth to a worn piece of wood using rusty nails.  So, I dismantled an old packing crate, which at one time held fireworks (I know, because that’s what the crate says :~>), and put one of the end pieces to work.  The nails, themselves, are some I salvaged from the crate… perfectly rusty and aged!  This finish is available at my etsy shop.  If you’d like to take a look, simply click on the picture’s caption.


Also on etsy….

This is the same design that I offered as a freebie the other day.  Here it is drawn on linen and ready to hook!  Is anyone ready for Autumn temps?


may you find some creativity today!



8 thoughts on “horse on the hill…

    • Thank you, Karen! I would never have thought to finish a piece with the raw edge exposed if Lori hadn’t suggested it ~ I’m so glad she did, it was such fun stepping out of my box!


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