folk horse….

Though I have many pieces stained and ready to finish, I can’t resist starting a new project.  This Folk Horse, from Lori Brechlin of Not Forgotten Farm, simply speaks to me.

I’ve decided to keep the horse dark, as Lori did in her original, but I’ll change the background a bit.

I love this pearl tweed from Valdani!  I can’t wait to see how it punches up next to the soft greyish browns and blues I’ve used around the horse.There’s something about the way the delicate flecks of gold in the tweed echo the tones in the other colors of this piece, that really appeals to me.  The gold adds some soft richness to, what in my mind would be, an overwhelming teal.

Now, I’ll stain this Folk Horse and add it to my queue of pieces awaiting completion….


Wishing you happiness from start to finish, today!



10 thoughts on “folk horse….

  1. Rebecca~
    This is so beautiful!! The soft colors with the dark horse are so simple and quiet !! but so striking!!. When your rugs would be up on Ebay, I would always know it was your work, due to your color choices! This is a very special piece of art~

  2. after reading your post yesterday i started going thru my punch patterns and thinking of a project to start… certainly have enought others to finish but.. anyway after reading today now i be i will get something started! love love the pearl tweed thread! enjoy your day!!

  3. I think I am falling in love with the tweed thread! I’ve got to order some to add to some of my projects. I just finished a quilted flag which looks too bright and am thinking about dulling it down with a tea or coffee solution. Do I dare hold my breath and stain it? I love how soft and old wordly your pieces look!

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