1820 Saltbox…

After coffee staining a few things the other day, I chose to finish the 1820 Saltbox (design by Bird in the Hand Primitives) first. I sent my client a picture of the punched piece and got her okay on the colors and staining. My next step is to add some backing and edging. I used a piece of my hand dyed wool in a soft blue color, for this part.

I like to use a floss that I used in the piece itself to whip stitch the edging. Here, I’ve chosen the very pale blue from the background.

Next, I stitch a tag to the back, using the same floss. The tag includes the title of the piece, the name of the designer, my name and the date.

While I’m working, I’m visited by friends at the feeder…

The finished piece is now ready to wend it’s way to it’s new owner…


Enjoy some simple peace today!


16 thoughts on “1820 Saltbox…

  1. At first I thought you had hooked the edging, but then it appeared that you laid the wool strip along the edge and then made it look scalloped by floss stitching? Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful finish. … jan

    • Thank you for your comment, Jan! Yes, the scalloped edge reveals itself when the whip stitched floss is pulled moderately tight as I stitch. The wider the strip of wool the larger the scallop, the narrower the strip of wool the less scalloped. :~>


  2. I have to agree with the rest of the comments, i love the finished edgeing also! i need to figure out how to do that myself! Your work is wonderful as ever ~~

  3. love how you finished the punch! i know shell love it! also love all the coffee stained punched projects! perfectly prim! enjoy your day

  4. I love how our finished the edge. I will have to try that. I never know how to finish the edge on a punch needle piece.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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