catching up and a freebie…

I’ve had a delightful couple of weeks traveling hither and thither ~ staying at my sister’s with Duke, spending time in San Diego with my beloved Randy ~ now, I get to come home to roost and find joy in some simple tasks.

While away, I’ve been able to punch a few things and I’m ready to catch up on some finishing. I’ll be working on some little strawberries and a sheep make do for the approaching Primitive Handmades Mercantile update the third Friday of this month. I also have a special order to complete and Lori Brechlin’s, “Horse on the Hill” to finish. I’ve done the stitching in preparation for the strawberries to become ornaments and the sheep to become a make do…

Now for the aging. A little coffee for staining and because it’s only 90 degrees outdoors, I’ll turn the oven on briefly and let things bake for a bit.


Out of the oven, dry and ready to transform. I’ll be sharing the finishes as they evolve.



This freebie design is “Wytch One?”. Because we are experiencing technical difficulties at our house, this pattern is in the form of a simple sketch, which I’m hopeful you can drag from my blog onto your desktop and subsequently print. Let me know if you are unable to drag the design onto your desktop and I will attempt something else, like a link….Please feel free to enlarge or reduce this design as desired, and sell your finished projects, up to 10 pieces. Please, no copying or mass production of the pattern or finished projects. Please give me credit for the design, and I would LOVE to see pictures of your work!


until next time….


5 thoughts on “catching up and a freebie…

  1. Thanks for the pattern, it will be fun to work on and think about fall,
    (maybe we can forget about this heat).

  2. Rebecca,
    Thank-you so much for the wonderful Halloween pattern! I love all of your things you’re working on and know they will be a hit this month on PHM! I haven’t started anything yet……. I know bad….. but I do have something brewing in my head… and that’s good considering!
    Sweet blessings and hugs!!
    Cathy G

  3. Your punched projects look so nice – I can’t believe how many BIG ones you make! Wish I was a fan of Halloween so I could work up your freebie pattern – very generous of you to share it with folks.

  4. Thanks for the Freebie!!! Could you share with me what setting and how many threads you use when doing needle punch? I love the density of your pieces~
    p.s. I would like to purchase one of your strawberries!!!!.

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