Are you an overpacker? Do you take things with you “just in case”? Are you like me? If Randy and I are going somewhere for even a few hours, I take along all my “just-in-cases” ~ like walking shoes, just in case we suddenly decide to go for a tramp across difficult country. To the best of my knowledge we have never decided spontaneously to walk any where requiring special footwear. So, if you are like me, you probably like to take all your handwork with you every where you go.


Randy and I are planning a trip to San Diego later this summer…. How am I going to carry my basket of punch needling onto a 727, and how much overcharge am I going to have to pay for my usual over-stuffed, over-weight suitcase? The short answer is, I’m not. I’m going to challenge myself, and by sharing my challenge with you, I will be much more inclined to win through! So, instead of taking my traditional gear, which is a very large, very loud, rolling duffle, I’m planning to pare down…

I love my duffle! It holds a lot ~ yes, a lot of stuff I don’t need and won’t use, but, you know, “just-in-case”….

Since I am determined not to us my beloved duffle, Ellis has decided it will do nicely for a kingly cat bed and spa.

In my quest for quiet simplicity, I will limit myself to one medium size back pack as a carry-on bag, which will hold all my clothing, shoes, and handwork, for a week… I hope…


Wish me luck, and let me know if you are a “just-in-caser” or if you are one of those whom the over-packers of the world envy, a person who never pays fees for over-weight luggage!

until next time, may your load be light…


5 thoughts on “Travels….

  1. I always over pack. I like to have choices when I get where I’m going rather than make that decision when packing. I haven’t flown since they started charging extra for weight.
    Don’t put your scissors in your carry on…They’ll take them from you. Have fun…Susie

  2. i am of like mind but have started paring down when traveling the last couple of years, realizing i never really touched my handwork while on vacation anyway….and it leaves a little more room to carry fun new treasures home with me…..enjoy your travels to San Diego, my neck of the woods, the weather has been Southern California Perfect lately…..

  3. I just found your blog tonight. I too over pack, not on just a trip, but to work! I take 2 projects and my IPad (to read my book). There is so much in the bag. What is so funny is I seldom take lunch except to work. I am a RN but work on phone and computer. I must really be a dreamer to think I would do any stitching.?!. I can dream tho! It’s like my blankie

  4. Karen, you’re right, you just never know when you may have a spare minute or two to add a few stitches! I’m with you ~ better to have it than to leave it at home and WISH that you had it!


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