Home again…

Do you ever struggle with the internet or with your tech equipment? Whew ~ talk about an exercise in frustration. We’ve been experiencing technical difficulties here at home for several weeks, and while there is nothing simple nor quiet about the process, I must admit, these glitches are stretching my brain. I am figuring out ways to work around our main computer and its issues. What’s more, I’m figuring these things out almost entirely on my own. This is HUGE, because I’ve always romanticised anything electronic. In my mind, tv, radio, computers… they all have one thing in common ~ MAGIC. That’s it. End of story. I believe implicitly in the tiny people that actually inhabit all electronic things, and that these things work, or not, depending on the whims of those wee people. So, you may notice that some of the photos I’m posting today are actually pictures of pictures I’ve taken of pictures on my computer screen….hmmmm… does that make any sense, at all?

Having said all that, I hope you’ll forgive any errors or omissions from my posts for awhile. I’m blogging from my ipad, which is a new world for me.
This past week, I’ve been working on another wonderful Lori Brechlin pattern called, “horse on the hill”

Like many of Lori’s patterns, this is a large design ~ time consuming, yes, but so much scope for the imagination! I love the way Lori organizes her designs and I love how big they are! So, I rarely reduce them in size.

Here it is, all the punching completed. Now to decide how it should be finished ~ any suggestions?

Wishing you a simple, glitch-free day…


14 thoughts on “Home again…

  1. I, too, believe electricity is magic!!!
    Great piece 🙂 Your color choices are just perfect.
    Happy Friday!
    Hugs 🙂

  2. Glitches are all the reason why I chose to come over to wordpress. I’m sure there will be some here as well. Just trying to make my life a little more simpler!
    Love, love your piece. First thought that came to mind about finishing would be to finish it in the same shape, add a backing and a bottom and weight it so it stands up. Great job! Looking forward to seeing how you choose to do it!

    • I’ve been using the app for wordpress to blog. It works quite well! I’m sure there must be an app for blogger, too!
      The punch needle piece is approx, 10″-11″ x 6″-7″

      Thank you for stopping by, Gayle!


    • I never even thought of a tea cozy, Susie ~ what a great idea! A tea cozy would be the perfect gift for my mil, with a different design… maybe her grandchildren punched on a cozy…. Thank you, Susie!

  3. Sweet as always !! Love this design of course, and your color choices and blending….just awesome !!
    I was once a believer in the ” magic” of electronics….until i was forced to work with these gadjets in depth…my bubble was bursted big time !!!…lol
    I think the new piece would look lovely mounted on some sweet early looking fabric and an old chippy frame just sitting on a shelf , not hung on the wall……but, it will look beautiful no matter how you choose to finish it !

  4. so very pretty my friend ~ love the subtle colors you used ~ why not mount it to an old chippy piece of wood with some rusty little nails? some barboard perhaps or an old cutting board ~ L

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