meet the Duke…

The Duke

Duke is my nephew and one of my very best friends.  I have the good fortune to spend a week or so with him almost every summer.

He’s three years old, and I think he looks like a tiny black sheep…


Duke and I are relaxing at my sister’s house this week, where Duke spends his time “hunting” chipmunks in Jenny’s glorious gardens.

jenny’s daisys

(Jenny’s gardens are beyond-belief-beautiful, but that’s no surprise – she works hard at everything she does and the results are always stunning, from her children to her dog, to her house, to her gardens!  I wish I had half her work ethic!)

Duke looking judicial

Duke often looks serious, but is, in fact, a bundle of fun and I think he’s smarter than I am…

Until next time – Enjoy every simple moment!



9 thoughts on “meet the Duke…

  1. What a handsome big boy!! How lucky you are to spend time with him :). Love your hooked version! I hope your relaxation time is just that…. relaxing….

      • I just recently got myself a Cock-a-poo puppy!~ Love her to pieces….she’s 6 months old & all black also, but she doesn’t have the adorable curl to her as Duke has. He is beautiful!

  2. rebecca, enjoy your time with your sister, duke and the gardens! nice to take the time and enjoy! duke is too cute and i can tell loved!

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