a little work, a little quiet…

i love laundry!

Do you have any unfinished projects?  Yesterday, I decided to finish a project I had started, ahem, a YEAR ago.

HOw do you feel about laundry?  I love doing laundry ~ it’s one of my favorite jobs, which is fortunate since I am the only laundress available here.  Laundry is like a story:  it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  It starts with mess and chaos, and that’s the drama of the story.  The conflict comes during the wash and dry cycles ~ all that spinning and agitating, softening and drying.  And, then, my favorite part of every story, the resolution.  One ends with stacks of neatly folded textiles, tucked away in drawers and cupboards… Randy’s stacks are colorful, whereas mine are muted and neutral.  Having a space that reflects my love for laundry makes wash day an even happier time.

My very talented and creative brother-in-law made the floating wall cubes for me several years ago.  They make the perfect perch for apothecary jars filled with old clothes pins.

The clothes pins were my mother’s that she used during her basket-making years.  The vintage hangers were, in part, found objects and in part, etsy purchases.  The skirt hangers double as rug hangers from time to time ~ a simple way to temporarily display a small hooked rug.

I’ve had this wood yard stick for many years.  It helps anchor the cubes to the wall.

After the work was all done, Randy and I met friends at one of our favorite haunts.  

The Lake House has spectacular views of the marina, and we always (as long as the weather’s fine) dine on the boardwalk and watch the boats sway gently to and fro.

The fact that Michigan weather is so varied and unpredictable (and often uncomfortable) highlights these simple, quiet moments.


Wishing you a joyful, safe, sunset-filled weekend!



10 thoughts on “a little work, a little quiet…

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I have been enjoying your blog so very much! This post is wonderful and I LOVE your laundry area! I’ve always loved old wooden hangers so to see them displayed as art is fabulous! You have inspired me to maybe approach the laundry situation here in a much gentler and artful way……
    Enjoy those lovely Michigan sunsets and Hugs from Wisconsin!!
    Cathy G

  2. I’m another laundry lover! 🙂 My dh has not had to do laundry since we bought our home some 15 years ago. Your decorating sense is awesome! LOVE the antique hangers and clothes pins! The sign is lovely too! Your inspiring me to make my laundry area a bit more elegant!

  3. oh my goodness, i wouldnt even mind doing laundry if my area was as pieceful as yours! love your simple decorating! enjoy your day!

  4. That is a laundry room which would make the chore enjoyable!
    Unfortunately my laundry room is also the pantry where everything has to be stored, so I keep the door shut.
    Beautiful pictures!

  5. I must admit, I do not mind doing laundry. I might complain about how much I have to do, but it does give one a sense of satisfaction when the job is done. I’m really wishing my laundry room looked as nice as yours. Mine is in the unfinished part of our basement and there isn’t much room for anything other than the washer and dryer. I guess I have to live vicariously through yours!

    Youngest son and I spent the weekend in Battle Creek – baseball tournament. Glad there was a nice breeze, otherwise I might have melted. ~Ann

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