a word to the wise….

always read the fine print


Recently, I decided I need new glasses ~ this is a continual phenomenon with me, possibly because I don’t like wearing glasses and am always hoping a different style will suit me.  So, I ordered a pair online, because, let’s face it, buying optical supplies online is radically less expensive than going through the optometrist.  Eyeglasses through the optometrist:  $400+.  Eyeglasses online:  $60

I am all for shopping local, and I try to patronize as many local businesses as possible, but when the difference amounts to over $300….. enough said.

So, what this boils down to is:  I ordered new glasses online, from an online merchant I have frequented before.  However…

oh my!

…I did not read the fine print.  I was expecting a very quiet pair of silver hum-drum spectacles, and instead received a glaring white pair, with little pink flowers on the side and bling curlicues as really “attractive” accents.

I don’t typically sit around snapping pics of myself, but this was an opportunity I just could not pass up ~ hilarious!  When one has the chance to make the teeming masses laugh (or the handful of my faithful and appreciated readers laugh), one simply has to do it, regardless of the cost to ones vanity.  Besides, I’m stuck with these specs, there are no returns or exchanges allowed!

It’s ok, you can laugh at me!

After I recovered from my shock, I went back to the website and looked up my purchase ~ low and behold, these are the frames I ordered.  I simply did not take the time to read the description ~ let this be a lesson to me…

well…. at least I can see!

I have moved on now, and quite like my glasses ~ when I’m looking out of them, and there’s no requirement in life that one has to look in a mirror, though I probably will from time to time, just to remind myself of the importance of details, fine print, instructions and directions.  I don’t suppose these occasional reminders will do much good, and I will continue to pass through life as a full-time flibbertigibbit.

Now, I’m working on a Lori Brechlin design using a wonderful “tweed” pearl cotton from Valdani.

Valdani tweed pearl cotton and Lori Brechlin’s “Hex and Frex”

I’m hoping to finish it today, so will be able to share it with you next time.  Until then…

Keep Laughing!

I’d love to hear about any silly things you may have done, too!


19 thoughts on “a word to the wise….

  1. Oh Rebecca, your post made me giggle. With the way the designer frames are today, I’d say you fit right in, and yours are mild compared to some of them 😉 !! Best thing is that you can see out of them! Can’t wait to see more of your new punched piece. That thread looks wonderful ! I didn’t know they made a tweed look..

    • Thank you, Kathy!

      Valdani has come out with several tweeds. I am also trying out the red tweed for strawberries and the green tweed for strawberry leaves. I’ll try to post a pic soon so you can see what you think!


  2. Rebecca,,

    That’s too funny. I’ve really never considered ordering glasses online, right now I opt for the reading glasses, but ‘real’ glasses are not far away. They actually look quite good on you, on here it’s hard to see the little flowers and bling. Think of them while you punch, and smile, feel like a little girl with pretty flowered glasses.

    I’ve never tried the Valdani Pearl Cotton, what size needle are you using and what depth setting, anxious to see your finish.

    Thanks for sharing this sweet post!…


  3. Rebecca,

    One other thing, just think of all the Valdani that $300 will buy…sweet!

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you! How right you are, Ronda! I hadn’t thought about all that floss I could buy ~ bonanza!

      I use a cameo medium tip at the lowest depth (#1) with two strands of the Valdani pearl cotton.


      • Rebecca,,

        hope all is well today!..I wanted to check back with you, I didn’t realize the Valdani perle cotton came in 3 sizes, do you use size 5, 8 or 12. And when you say you use 2 strands are you saying you use 2 balls at once?…thank you kindly for your help.


      • Hello Rhonda!

        I’m glad you asked!
        I use Valdani size 12. Each Valdani ball, pearl cotton and 3 strand, has two ends, one inside the ball and one outside. So, I usually use both the strands of one ball. The strand inside the ball can sometimes be a little difficult to find, but it’s there. :-). I hope this helps!


      • Wow, I’d have never thought of that….thank you so much for the help..enjoy your day!

  4. rebecca, i love your new glasses! and they look great on you soo there! i am sooo the same way… i have a pair of trifolks and about 8 pair of reading glasses… just cant get use to the tris especially in the house. and not strong enough for stitchen so need stronger readers… always something.. but i think your glasses are fine especially for the money. you are very pretty and natural… they might not be a quiet as you would have liked. but they are very nice. i love what you are working on! i need to stop putsen and get busy! enjoy your day!

    • Thank you, jody! You’re so kind! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with glasses ~ When I work on my stitching outside, I wear my glasses, my sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses… talk about Trifolks!


  5. Awwww…I can understand the disappontment, but you look so cute in them !!!
    LOVE what you’ve got done allready on the new piece and that tweed floss is like wow !! I’m going to check it out….I hate having to seperate all my threads and combine to get that mottled look…..
    Oh , and forgot to post a comment on your last post, but those windows are great !! I guess I need to add shutters and windows to my list of weaknesses too !!!….lol

  6. Oh Rebecca, they look great. I wish I had thought of buying glasses on line…still wear contact and have to use readers with them for some things. Last fall I did break down and buy a pair of glasses to have a backup for my contacts.
    Love that tweed valdani……do you get yours from Snowflake Threads?

  7. I am apparently the over spender in this family. I did not look on line and spent $1000.00 + on eye glasses this month.
    Good lord, where was I when they handed out common sence?

    • Ha! ~ you’re too funny, Jenny, but you will get many more years of wear out of your glasses than I will! Not to mention, you probably know what color your frames are before you pay….

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