confessions from my closet…

It’s been some time since I’ve listed anything on ebay and my etsy shop needs a serious spring cleaning.  So, I set aside today as the day when I would finish several punch needle pieces and a rug or two, list on ebay and tidy up my etsy shop.  I arose at 5:00am and it’s now 5:00pm and I’d like to put on record what I’ve accomplished so far….

closet 1

This is the closet where I keep my off-season clothes, packaging supplies and finished pieces which are listed on various sites and awaiting adoption.  It is now a thing of simple organization ~ perfect, in fact, compared to what it was before I started “project finishing”, however it is not a rug that has been bound, nor is it a finished punch needle piece awaiting sale…..

closet 2

Here is my closet.  Doesn’t it look nice?  It only took me 2.5 hours to get it so tidy.  Too bad my etsy shop isn’t looking this good!

closet 3

Now, here’s a closet that it was imperative I clean and organize today.  It’s part of Randy’s closet.  Randy is a man who doesn’t care if his trousers are organized from light to dark and categorized by fabric type, he is able to find something to wear regardless of how neat his closet is, but I seem to be unable to accept that obvious bit of reality.

closet 4

Okay, now here’s a closet that you can probably relate to.  Yes, it’s my wool and other rug hooking sundries, and it truly did need to be smarten-ed up… it was a mess.   However!  As lovely as it looks it’s not actually paying the bills….

lilly and otis

As for my friends, they have no delusions about me.  They know that sooner or later I will actually focus on the task at hand, that I will get my handwork done before sunup tomorrow, and so they settle in, with the philosophy which all cats share ~ take a nap now so that you’ll be ready to take a nap later….


Wishing you blissful organization and much more focus than I have!

Happy June!



8 thoughts on “confessions from my closet…

  1. My stash of wool is hidden in baskets, so you don’t see the untidy mess inside. Now my fabric cubbie, you can see but right now I have no time to fuss with it as I have to get some projects finished pronto. This is my domain, so it’s ok.

  2. Organization!!! It all looks so wonderful!!! Sure wish I had a walk-in closet for my clothes~~~ I am working on my closet this weekend, getting rid of some clothes, some to Good Will, some to a resale shop and some to a friend or two!! Too much coming in and not enough going out!! lol

  3. Lily and Otis look so sweet! I agree with them – let’s take a nap now and later too.
    Wool closet looks lovely. I have some of my wool hidden in a punched tin cabinet and the excess in storage bins arranged by color. I like how you have yours arranged !

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