the comfort and beauty of old


What comfort there is in Old….

dumpster find

…time ravaged things have such a softness to them…

great-grandma’s mailbox

I’ve been thinking about Old ~ getting old, being old, acting old, feeling old ~ Old has such a negative connotation, especially when it’s applied to people.  My mother likes to tell me how awful Old is, but I like Old.  I’ve always wanted to be Old, maybe I always have been old.

Old has always meant softness, and grace, and wisdom to me.  When I was a little girl, my favorite people were Old.

“the great one”

I look at this picture of my great-grandmother, whom we called, “the great one”, and I see someone Old, truly Old in the best sense of the word.  She was funny and kind and soft and gentle.  And, she lived a long time ~ I don’t think she stopped living until she died.  She was wonderfully Old!

mom’s old box

I believe I gravitate toward Old because it is so subtly beautiful and beauty is important ~ it’s a sort of nourishment.  I like all the old things I have, and I like my work to resemble Old…

Old has its disadvantages, of course, but the fabulous thing is, we have so much time to get there!  I find much insight in the phrase, “growing old”.  Old doesn’t just happen ~ it takes growth and nurturing, like a garden.  One reaps what one sows.  I think if I pay attention along the way, and if I have a little luck and some good health as I travel there, Old will be a lovely welcoming, though perhaps a bit achy.

garage sale find


What about you?  Do you find beauty in Old?

a well-loved piece of old

Thank you for letting me share ~ embrace your Old today!



8 thoughts on “the comfort and beauty of old

  1. Rebecca,
    How wonderfully written. Old does convey many meanings. time ages all, the more time we have, the greater the old. I’m off to my Dr. this morning to complain about getting old, my aches and pains, now your post has me to not complain but to embrace and tell the Doc I just want to age as painlessly as possible….I think my worries are more aging than any physical ailments. .. Enjoy your day!..~Ronda

  2. Rebecca,
    What a lovely post! We admire age in old time-worn utility boxes so why not in ourselves….. I love your sentiment to embrace our old! Love the photo of your great! Absolutely wonderful!
    May your day be filled with peace and grace!
    Cathy G

  3. Love the picture of you and the “Great One”, I never met my Great Grandmother, but I adored my “Grannie” she lived in Tenn, and every year, my family would go visit her, and my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Such wonderful memories for me. I am not enjoying the aging process so much, I lost my Mom 3 years ago, life has never been the same, as I miss her so much. Friends start to pass away. Some new health issues start to pop up…..on the other hand, I understand so much more about life, my friends are very dear to me, the time spent with them is precious.I do love all old things, all the items in your photos!!!! But aging can be very difficult………
    Have a Wonderful Day~

    • Your family sounds wonderful, Kim and you must have so many fond memories of your Grannie and your time spent in Tenn.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing… There’s something so special about moms. I’ve learned so much from mine, and now, as I watch her struggle with aging ~ it’s tremendous difficulties and insurmountable challenges, I’m discovering even more. She’s like a compass, and though I may not follow the road she takes, I am enormously grateful for her presence.

      Wishing you warmth and healing, Kim, and happy days to come.


  4. I’ve loved “old” since I was a young kid. Often you would find me visiting the older folks in the neighborhood. They have so much to tell if you only listen. Loved seeing your old and worn pictures they hold a lot of beauty. The picture of you with your grand one is priceless!

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