Notforgotten Farm

I’ve been working on this 1830 Rooster, a wonderful design from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  Her designs were some of the first I ever attempted. Lori is such a kind and generous artist, and her patterns are straightforward and user-friendly, simple and quiet!

While Lori’s version has a beautifully prim and colorful border, I will keep mine more structured and frame-like…

…and, where Lori chose red, I will use a browny-pink.

almost done!

I really like the grey rooster and yellowish background in Lori’s piece.

Hurray!  The punching’s all done, so now I’ll brew us a pot of coffee ~ 10 cups for me, 1 cup for the rooster.

After soaking in a coffee bath for a few minutes, I’ll pop him in the oven at 250* for approximately 20 minutes, or until I remember to take him out.

Here he is, nicely aged and softened.  What do you think I should do with him?  Should I keep him simple and just stitch down the weavers cloth for the  backing?  Or, should I make him into a little, prim bag with hand dyed wool for lining and ticking for the back and straps?


until next time ~ be well!




8 thoughts on “punching

  1. however you choose to finish him, will be delightful ~ thank you for mentioning me! (oh, and your patterns are on their way to you!)
    Have a beautiful day my Friend ~

  2. rebecca, i love the rooster and really would like to punch or hook a rooster! im going to go check out loris patterns i really like this guy and no matter what you do with him he will be great! enjoy your day!

  3. Rebecca,,now I see another one of NFF designs I’m going to have to purchase, I just love Lori’s designs. Wonderful color choices. Have a great day! ~Ronda

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