a simple change

What kind of decorator are you?  Do you love to decorate the whole house, or one little corner, or not at all?  I’m a one-little-corner person, and it’s time to redo the mantel.


Recently, I purchased a set of stamped spoons from a terrific etsy seller, Lazy Lightning Art, you can click here to visit her shop.  So, now I have a small collection of stamped spoons to keep my other small collections company.  I’m going for a less cluttered look this summer, and decided to combine my grandmother’s custard bowls with the stamped spoons I purchased.  I need some moss for what I have in mind.  How fortunate that we have lots in our “lawn” (my husband would disagree with the “fortunate” bit).

beautiful moss

I carefully lift clumps with the tip of a trowel….….slice some styrofoam that came in a package I received through the mail….

…stuff the pieces into the custard cups…

…add a bit of wet rag on top of the styrofoam and lay the moss over the damp rag.

Now, I can stick the spoon through the moss into the styrofoam, avoiding the damp bit of rag.



Simple!   Now, I can line up my custard bowls on the mantel.

I’ll add a few more bits and pieces and voila! A very simple, quiet change.

What do you think?


Cheers to a simple summer! ~ thank you for spending some time with me today!



11 thoughts on “a simple change

  1. How awesome ! I love your shabby white decor..I still love my deep primitive colors, but I’d like a room or two with this theme and soothing “quiet” style and color ,,,your home is lovely !!

  2. HI!…I love your grandma’s bowls and what a neat way to display them. Your monochromatic look is so peaceful and that touch of pastel is awesome.
    I bought some of those metal alphabet stamps recently. Right now I’m looking for an anvil or something else to pound on…tried a brick and it broke into pieces.
    I love coming here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it all!!! The Banner is cool, can you tell me where you got it?? Also the pots with the numbers are so cute. I keep looking for those metal numbers and havnt had any luck finding them!!! Love your blog, and your needle punch and rugs. I am the proud owner of some of your pieces and you cant imagine how many times I have googled “Good Wool” looking for your blog!!! So glad I found you!!! .

  4. Beautiful! Looks refreshing! Now… which spoon are you hiding behind because i don’t see a reflection of you or the camera in the mirrors? lol!

thank you for spending some time with me!

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