small collections…

grandma’s custard bowls


What do you collect?  Are you an extreme collector?  Or, are you, like me, a collector on a small-scale?

grandma’s transfer ware

The collections which I cherish most, are those I inherited.  How about you?

grandma’s salt shakers

However, there are a few things that I have purchased that give me a thrill.  I recently started collecting one artist’s porcelain bells… so far, I have a collection of one, but I’m planning to have a collection of two, soon!  I’ve just purchased another bell, which the artist entitled, “making life simpler” ~ perfect.  Would you like to see more of Erin’s beautiful work?  Click here to visit Erins Window on etsy.

porcelain bell

My collections usually stop at 3 or 4, for some reason, though there are a few items which have escaped those boundaries….

….Windows are running rampant throughout the house.  I have 19 vintage windows…. does anyone really need 19?  The simple answer is, “no! one really needs more than 19.”


Without question, my very favorite collection is one that came to me from out of the blue…


…completely unexpected, I didn’t know I was going to start this collection, but of all my collections it is the only one that makes me laugh, dare I say GUFFAW!, on a daily basis …

otis (a.k.a. oatbran, oatmeal, etc.)

…and, fortuitously, this collection came in a package of three ~ just right for me!


I’d love to hear about your collections, too!

Happy day to you!





9 thoughts on “small collections…

  1. I’ve never really been a collector. Told my husband once if ever to do so, it would be music boxes. I have one lol. Only other one that I can think of is…. wool 🙂 Love your collections, and especially the ones that interact with you!

  2. collections! i like many have to many! and you 19 windows thats even worse than my 14 wheel barrels, i think….. 🙂 enjoy your evening!

  3. I have many besides wool, frames, hooks…a girl can’t have to many. Probably my favorite is my pottery. Love it!

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