West Bay


My sister, Jenny, and I went visiting this weekend.  Our destination:  Traverse City, Michigan.  Our parents live there on the edge of beautiful Traverse Bay, with their friend, Scooter.

Scooter’s favorite thing, aside from food, is going for a spin on mom’s walker.  What a funny creature she is!

Because our parents have found it necessary, until recently, to keep every single thing they ever came into contact with (do you know anyone like that?), their garage and basement yield some fabulous finds…  At least, fabulous to those of us who covet things that are worn, aged, and loved which, now that I think of it, sounds rather like a description of our mom and dad.

rebecca doll, chippy lidded box, little blue crate, hand knit sweater

I was simply thrilled with my finds!

Rebecca doll is from my mom’s childhood, her dress was hand stitched by my grandmother.




Jenny came away with two dolls, Violet who is a centenarian, and Mystery (I just made that up) who has no past, because my mom can’t remember anything about her.  So, Jenny can decide what kind of life Mystery has had perhaps Mystery was a rug hooker in her youth!



The lidded box has a fabulous patina and will be delighted to serve as an end table…



As for the beautifully aged, soft blue crate… hmm.  It has yet to tell me who it wants to be, so we’ll ponder for a while.

The sweater oh! the sweater!  Made by my mom, several years ago, it is the softest, wooliest, warmest thing…  absolutely perfect for cuddling in on those cool evenings by the campfire when s’mores are in the offing…

Whether you visited or stayed home – I hope your weekend was simply glorious!


5 thoughts on “Visiting

  1. and family treasures are the best treasures! sounds like you had a nice visit and scooters looks like a very loved kitty! enjoy your day!

  2. My parents also live in Traverse City! Its such a beautiful place and I really don’t get there as often as i would like

thank you for spending some time with me!

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