Inside out…

lilly, ellis, otis


What a beautiful day!  My three friends are very content staying indoors, in fact, they run away when a door opens… perhaps because they were “evicted” from their first home.  However, they have a keen interest in experiencing the outdoors from within.


I, on the other hand, am sitting on my deck as soon as the weather cooperates in the Spring, and am parked there until late Autumn’s bitter winds blow me back indoors.  So, my project for today?  Getting the deck ready for a full summer of stitching and hooking, reading and eating and sleeping….

after… I forgot to take a “before” shot. what a pity.


For some inexplicable reason, whenever I get ready to start a major project, like cleaning the deck, I have to start and finish a different major project, like organizing the kitchen cupboards.  ????  Why?  Does anyone else suffer from this malady?  So, having decided to spend the day doing the deck, I spend the first two hours reorganizing the kitchen.  sheesh.  However, the pantry looks very neat and tidy, and the new arrangement will keep my husband Randy busy trying to find things for a few days.

Now, on to the deck!

before… needs work.

I had power washed earlier in the Spring, so I was ready to add furniture and accessories.


It may not look like I spent 8 hours setting things up, but I did!  I washed the windows and dug the birdseed out of the cracks between the floor boards, bought two fuchsia plants and hung them behind a hummingbird feeder.  They aren’t blooming, yet, but will be, hopefully, in a week or so.  I put my little firepit out, ready for the first tiny fire of the season.  In my opinion, one builds a fire for one reason:  roasting marshmallows.  So, unlike Randy, I don’t need a HUGE fire.





A cushioned chaise is the perfect place for a summer snooze.

Now, I’m ready to bring out my hooking and get started on my next project, which will probably be preceded by some other, completely unrelated, undertaking!

a humble bucket acts as vessel for firewood


Won’t you join me in a toast to Long Summer Days?

Have a joyful journey through today!

a bit of stick lets the little birds get close enough to sip from the fountain.