a cuppa joe

aren’t these eggs gorgeous? they’re from Chickadee Farm, at our local organic farmers market.

These eggs don’t really have much to do with this post, but I think they’re so enchanting, I wanted to share them with you!

Yesterday morning, I made a wee bit more coffee than was absolutely necessary for one mid-sized woman, so I decided it was time to do a little experimenting.  While I typically coffee stain my finished punch needle pieces and my paper tags, I’ve been wanting to try staining a completed hooked rug.  So, I hooked up this little sampler of neutrals, with help from my friend, Otis.













I gathered together a few other pieces to stain….





and, layered them in a baking dish, immersing them in my left-over joe.

The little rug will soak overnight, and then what?  I’ve no idea, but hope I’ll think of something.  Have you ever coffee or tea stained a finished rug?

It won’t take long for the tags and punch needle to soak up the stain, so in the meantime, I set my oven to 250* and look out the window for a while….

What a beautiful sight ~ can you see the Pileated Woodpecker on the tree?

I will bake my tags for 10 minutes or so, and the punch needle piece a little longer.  Sometimes, I forget that I’ve got something in the oven and then disaster strikes…  there’s not much one can do with a crispy punch needle…  so today I’ll set my timer.

Now, since my oven is on already, don’t you think I should whip up a batch of cookies and brew another pot of coffee!

Won’t you join me?

…hoping your day is filled with something sweet….


6 thoughts on “a cuppa joe

  1. It’s always a bit scary the first time you age something, what if it’s ruined?…but what if it’s not!..anxious to see the results…and those eggs are beautiful!..

  2. The great thing about coffee staining is that if it’s too dark, just rinse it or add some soap to it and it comes out for the most part…..
    i love your little sample square in neutrals…. those colors together are sweet !!
    Have fun with your creations !!

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