a contrast and a finish

After: softer and subtler (I hope)


After studying my Antique Welcome rug I decided that it would better fulfill my vision of an antique welcome rug if I tweaked it a bit.  I contacted my client and we agreed that the background was too bright.  I also felt like the whole thing was a bit clunky and determined that my strips were too wide with too much contrast between lights and darks.

Before: clunky and bright

Having reworked the background yesterday and today, I am much happier with its direction.  In addition to bringing the colors closer together in tone, I hand cut many of the wool strips into narrow pieces and hooked my rows much closer to one another.

Now, to me, the rug feels a bit more delicate due to the narrower strips, a bit truer to an antique reproduction because of the “squished” rows and subtle colors.

My photos, unfortunately, still don’t capture the correct colors.  The background is warmer and slightly darker than the photo depicts.  The enlarged hooking (above photo) is fairly close to the true colors.

What do you think?  Can you tell the difference before and after, or do they look the same to you?


Here is my gift for Mom, all finished and ready to go.  I added the reins and monocle string, and I loved Gayle’s suggestion to add a mane ~ Thank you, Gayle!

For the final touch I added two aged paper tags.  On one I scrawled the last part of the first line of the nursery rhyme, and on the other I adhesed (what a great word!  I’ve always wanted to use it in a sentence.  Spellcheck doesn’t like it, but Webster does!) a tiny punch needle heart.

Thank you, all of you, for your kind words and encouragement!  I think my mother will be pleased.

Now, let’s be still and sit down with a cup of tea, a cat or two, and watch the hummingbirds be busy for awhile….rebecca

8 thoughts on “a contrast and a finish

  1. Yes I see a difference, I like the after. Unfortunately the photos are not great for the color.
    Duke approves however!

  2. oh yes, I can see the difference and what a difference it is. I LOVE the after. Didn’t realize the size/width of the worms changes the overall look so much. What # cut did you use on the before and after?

    • Thank you, Linda!

      In the before version, I used a #8 cut, though I threw in a few narrower and a few wider. In the after, I used a few #8 cuts, but hand cut a majority to approx. a #5 or a #6 cut. The great thing about hand cutting is one can control the width of the wool throughout each individual strip. So, while my fraser cut strips are very consistent and nearly perfect, my hand cut strips are a little wider and a little narrower within the same strip. I think that variety helps with the antique effect.

  3. It’s amazing how different the strip width makes it look! Glad you liked my suggestion on adding a mane to your Mom’s horse – so fun!

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