mother’s day, almost done…

Hello, hello!

A few days ago, I posted about the Mother’s Day gift I was planning for my mom.  Yesterday, I took a break from hooking and made great inroads into this project.  I completed the punching and then gathered together some of the materials I would be using to build the make do.

Here, I have wool for the backing, wool stuffing for the stuffing, some thread and an antique porcelain door knob for the stand.

I attach the wool backing using my trusty sewing machine.  This has to be the simplest sewing machine of the modern age.  It sews forward and backward and that’s about it, which is perfect for my needs.  Anything more complex and I wouldn’t be able to use it!

Now comes the part that requires infinite patience and the taking of many breaks:  turning….At this point, I usually wonder if it was such a good idea to start this project in the first place, but eventually everything is right-side-out.  After a good pressing I stuff it tightly with wool stuffing and snips.

….a braided tail, some antique buttons for eyes and the all important door knob and we’re getting close to the finish.  A few more details, like some reins and a tag, and I think my Mother’s Day gift will be ready for Mom.Hoping you find some simple quiet today….


18 thoughts on “mother’s day, almost done…

  1. love the make do for your mom and i bet she will too! also love the wool your dyeing and i am going to try your recipe as soon as i get started dyeing! i have everything just need to dooo it! also love those little helpers of yours! enjoy your day!

  2. Rebecca,
    What a fabulous piece! Your Mom will go crazy in love for it!! I admire your talents and patience and all the little details that go into your work! Thank-you so much for starting a blog and inspiring us with your creativity! Loving every post!!!
    Cathy G

    • Thank you, Linda! I use the standard presser foot that came with my machine. I like to stitch on top of the very first row of punching, so that when I turn the piece right-side-out the weavers cloth is not visible ~ the wool backing joins the punching. I hope that makes sense!


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