two cats, a horse, and some wool

It’s time to cut some wool for the rugs I will be working on this week.  I have my trusty vintage fraser cutter at hand and, as always, some wool-loving friends.



  Otis is inspector of all things mechanical.  My fraser is a simple machine, but I love it!  (would I like to have a Townsend?  you betcha!)


What is your cutter of choice and what size cut do you prefer?




I’m all for wide cuts, typically ~ at least a #9 cut ~ but for these rugs I’ll be using a #8 cut and a little bit narrower.  Some strips I’ll be cutting by hand.



I love the way the wool folds on itself as it exits the cutter making a fluttering ruffle, rather like pouring cake batter into a pan.

(I was in a hookers bubble for the first 6 years of my hooking addiction.  I didn’t know how to access anyone’s patterns or instructions, and I was too shy to find out how, so I just made things up as I traveled the hookers road.  I never knew there was the possibility of enlarging or reducing a paper pattern, or that there were ways to transfer actual designs onto backing.  So, I’ve always drawn patterns directly onto linen, freehand, which has its good points and not-so-good points.  However, good or bad, it’s a very simple method, for me, though I do end up with some odd-looking drawings from time to time.  Thank goodness rug hooking is so very forgiving and thank goodness Sharpie markers come in a variety of colors!  I’ve had backings where I’ve drawn a pattern in black ink first, made a mistake, drawn a pattern in red on top of the black and a blue pattern on top of the red.  Very confusing when it comes to the actual hooking!)


For a rug like the two cats Antique Welcome, I start by drawing a sort of grid on my backing so that my spacing is somewhat akin to the original.






Now, each cat will have its own little space.  I like the idea of having one’s own space, but still being within reach of a friend.

Not all of us need as much space as some of us….



This rug will measure about two square feet ~ 15.5″ long x 14.5″ wide.



The one horse rug is a very simple design with lots of subtle color changes going on within the wool itself.  The pattern is very straightforward so no grid or measuring needed.  It will measure two square feet, as well, though the shape is much more organic than the cat rug.


Tomorrow:  Let the hooking commence!


Until next time, friend…



p.s. I’d love to hear what you’re working on ~ with hook, needle, brush, or whatever!

14 thoughts on “two cats, a horse, and some wool

    • Ann, I visited your blog and love the rug you are creating! It’s beautiful and so is your Shadow! You’re on my blogroll, now, so I’ll look forward to seeing your finished rug (and, hopefully, see a successful hatching of baby robins! :->)

  1. Love the rugs you’ve drawn! I can’t freehand ~ I need a pattern or to make a template.
    I treated myself to a Townsend a few years ago and I don’t regret it for one second. Expensive but so worth it! I prefer to hook with an 8.5 to 9.5 and usually vary the size within the same rug.
    I am currently hooking an antique adaptation of a cat and dog and am almost done. You can see it at
    Hugs : )

  2. Oooooooh! You have some gorgeous neutral woolens and some very cute hooking friends! I think freehand drawing patterns is the way to go! That way some of your own personality blends right in. I’m stitching on a heavily embroidered quilt… and would really love to have a day to get back to my hook… soon!

  3. I love your blog! I’m working on a spiral chair pad that I found on Karen Kahle’s blog. I need to bind up my Magdalena dog. You can check out my blog at I’d love to have you pop over! I’d put you on my blog list, but blogger hasn’t let me change anything on that list in many months!! Luckily, I can follow you through email! I mostly hook with an 8 cut and I use an older Fraser Bliss. I’m hoping to get a cutter like yours soon.
    Your cats are sweet! I look forward to seeing more of your hooking life!

  4. Can’t wait to see your finished rugs, Rebecca. I started out with a Fraser cutter and upgraded to the Townsend. Of course, my favorite!! I like to hook 8.5 strips mostly. Do use 7 and 8 also. Never have hand cut, might look at trying that. Love your blog!!!

  5. I’m working on a floral challenge rug that I intend to take to the Denver Hook-In in a couple of weeks – they provided the pattern and encouraged people to participate by hooking it in any size and their own colors – it’ll be so fun to see the huge variety at the rug show!

    I look forward to seeing your rug progress!

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