Wool and Nursery Rhymes…


My dye pots are open, my wool is rinsed and dried, folded and stacked.  ahh, what a sense of accomplishment.  Two of my marbled wools were a surprise and one was simply delicious!  The two unexpected wools were trying to be pale brown-y neutrals, but one picked up some pink along the way, and the other some purple.  Perhaps, they were thinking Spring?  No matter, they popped back into the pot with an over-dye of Creamy Cappuccino.  Now, they are very pleased with themselves and ready to take part in the next hooking project.


The marbled piece that made my heart sing came out of the pot in a state of perfection…  shades of blue and brown, ivory and tan.  Blues are my stumbling block, possibly because of the minerals in our water, or possibly because blues are a bit fragile, so when I get a good blue, I shout it from the rooftops!


The stack of Creamy Cappuccino is soft and dreamy.  The recipe is one I can always count on and is the base for most of my other dyes.  (you can revisit the recipe here)


The other stack ~ the colorful stack ~ contains the rest of my dyeing efforts and is the stack from which the rugs I will be hooking will get their charisma.  Both rugs are antique inspired pieces which I have done recently in needle punch.  One is the WELCOME cats on my Hello World post, the other is an orange horse with a wonderful background and border.  I will share a picture of my punched piece next time, and show you my patterns on linen.




And, nursery rhymes?

Mother’s Day, being just about a week away, calls for something special.  My sister and I often make our mom a little something to celebrate the day, each uses her own particular skills.  Jenny, my sister, is incredibly talented and makes the most beautiful silver and stone jewelry (the necklace I’m wearing on the About page is one of her creations.  You can see it here.) and I usually make my mom a rug or punch needle.  For the past few months, my mom, who used to take and develop fabulous black and white photos, has been looking through her shelves for a picture book she created of my sister when Jenny was a toddler.  The book was, “Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross”, my mom’s favorite nursery rhyme.  Mom won’t find the book at her house because Jenny has it and is going to take it to Mom for Mother’s Day (right, Jenny?).  So, I decided to put together a punch needle make-do with the same theme. 


This is my progress, so far….



Lilly, doesn’t trust me to work without supervision, so has appointed herself Chief Overseer.




Wishing you a peaceful day…



8 thoughts on “Wool and Nursery Rhymes…

  1. Rebecca ~
    Thanks for sharing the results of your dyeing.
    Your blog is wonderful. I am so enjoying it!
    Pug hugs 🙂

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